a day in the life of a council worker in Edinburgh

I'll get up at...


And then I...

make coffee and watch countdown shower, dress, empty the dishwasher check my work emails in case anything has come in overnight pack lunch cycle to work

My day will consist of...

Responding to emails

Completing the report for the domestic abuse co-ordination unit meeting

Cycling to Edinburgh Council Offices Chairing and minuting the Edinburgh Violence Against Women Partnership Service Provider Reference Group meeting.

Cycling back to my office

Checking in with team leaders/admin if any issues and dealing with issues that have arisen

Meeting with the fund monitoring officer for our refuges have lunch

Attend the launch of a service for homeless people with alcohol issues, discuss how this service and ours could work.

go home, cook dinner for me and my partner eat dinner clear dishes and put on dishwasher, clean kitchen surfaces and sweep/wash kitchen floor.

Q4: I'll look after...

my partner and son; my staff team.

Q5: Other things I'll do in the day are...

Take a call from my son and provide emotional support, possibly transfer money to his account.

Take a call from my mum and listen to her.

Perhaps do some work for one of the boards that I sit on.

Talk to my partner about our days.

I'll go to bed after...


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