Making Work Visible 2019: Frances' Day

Here is what Frances had to say about her day:

"I am originally an Edinburgh woman of a feminist background - who was only notified at aged 58 that the government had added on an extra 6 years to my State Pension age – Made redundant at aged 59 from a contract position and living in Aberdeen (an area blighted by massive employment redundancies) made more difficult by the ageist/sexist often hidden agendas of eemployers, I undertook to research the real causes of the State Pension hikes which were affecting not only 50’s women but other generations. To this end groups of like minded women in their 60’s went online and exchanged information and was born under the direction of Joanne Welche. It's pretty ground breaking stuff if you remember that women born in the 50’s were not of an era very familiar with the internet. We also run a facebook group and urge all women whether you are 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s born to check this out as governments are using women and their State Pension entitlement to pay off the national debt and cause intergenerational conflict – Please check out our crowdfunder too."

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