A day in the life of a woman striking 4 repeal

I'll get up at...

Probably between 6am and 6.30am

And then I...

Will shower and get dressed, have a quick breakfast (coffee, probably). If I were at home, I'd make breakfast (coffee/tea/eggs/toast) for my (male) partner

My day will consist of...

This 8th May will be a bit different: I'll be at an IWD conference and will attend a Solidarity demo for the 'Strike 4 repeal' campaign in support of abortion rights in Ireland.

Otherwise, I would probably spend half the day at home doing housework/cooking, and then half the day in one of my unpaid voluntary roles (despite being leadership roles, my two main voluntary roles are unpaid).

I'll look after...

This year on IWD: a dog belonging to friends I'm staying with temporarily

Usual day: My partner, my cats, my elderly mother and my sister (from a distance)

Other things I'll do in the day are...

Laundry, ironing, cooking

Talking to colleagues and friends

Campaigning for women candidates in local elections

Supporting colleagues

Reading news/info online

I'll go to bed after...

Probably about midnight.

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